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Azule Tile Sealant 0.5 liter

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Product description

Azule Tile Sealant

Tile sealant is the basic impregnating agent for cement tiles and protects them from grout and dirt penetration and prevents stains.
Cement tiles are originally porous because they are not fired but pressed. The color layer consists of marble powder with the same properties as natural stone. Tile sealant absorbs into the top layer and hardens there so that no moisture or dirt can penetrate the surface.
You always use tile sealant for cement tiles, in any room, as the first impregnating agent. You do this after placing the tiles but before grouting. This is very important because tile sealant ensures that no dirt or grout residue can soak into the tile. Tile sealant can also be used as a second (finishing) layer. Please consult our treatment schedule for correct application.

Good to know
Never impregnate any loose tiles beforehand! When cement tiles are installed, they absorb a lot of moisture from the adhesive. This moisture must be able to evaporate through the joints and through the tile itself. If the tile has already been impregnated, the moisture cannot evaporate and moisture deposits and visible circles may form on the surface of the tile. For this reason, always allow the adhesive to dry sufficiently and work in a well-ventilated area.

Always close the lid of the packaging promptly. This product contains solvents. If the product is left uncapped for too long, this will adversely affect the product!
After opening it has a shelf life of 1 year in a cool and dry place.
When in doubt consult our helpdesk! You will find the complete treatment schedule for cement tiles on our website.

How do I use Tile Sealant?
Make sure the tiles are clean and dry (stripped of grout, grout stain remover and adhesive residue). It is very important that there is absolutely no dirt left otherwise it will be impregnated in the next step and will not be easy to remove. Apply the tile sealant evenly with a roller or impregnation pad, preferably in sections of about 12 tiles at a time. Any air bubbles on the surface can be removed with a dry sponge. Once the tiles are dry repeat this step. Allow the tiles to dry for at least 24 hours before proceeding to the next step in the process or before using the floor.

Suitable for
Only tiles that are porous such as cement tiles, unglazed tiles or other natural stones such as marble need to be impregnated. Depending on the color and area of the tile in which they are placed, we recommend using this agent. 

Craquele tiles can also be treated with Azule Tile Sealant. This makes them waterproof under shower or less stain prone in the kitchen.



ActiveImpregnation product
Indispensable tile accessoryYes
Contains chemicalsYes
Content0.5 kilo/ liter
Suitable for4-5 m2
For tile typeCement Tiles
Spanish Walltiles
Ceramic Floortiles
CategoryImpregnating products
Tags Azule vlekstop vlekstop vlekken weg stop je vlekken basis impregneermiddel basis impregneer onbehandeld naturel craquele cementtegels marmer natuursteen 0.5 liter KAS PCT
Product codeIM-VLES-0050

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