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Our handmade tiles are mostly produced in different colour batches. This means that the stock we have in our warehouse today can differ from a new shipment and possibly result in colour differences when they are placed together. For this reason in particular we have a modified returns policy and we hope you kindly understand.
We recommend that you calculate the required tiles/products very carefully and/or check the offer/drawing carefully. In order to avoid misunderstandings and unpleasant experiences, we would like to provide you with detailed information about this.
What we do and cannot take back:
We inform you in advance in which category your products fall so that you can choose whether you want to order them. For quotations with products that cannot be returned, we will send you an adjusted return policy to remind you of our policy again. We would like to expressly point out that you agree to our return policy as soon as you agree to our quote.

Tiles that we have in our standard range

We can take back tiles that we have in our standard range, often produced by machine and insensitive to batch differences and where we keep stock, in unopened packaging. We provide vouchers up to 14 days after the invoice date.

Our colleagues cannot refund you in cash for your returned items.

standard collection

Tailor-made products or products that have been ordered especially for you

Unfortunately, we cannot take back custom-made products, or products that are ordered especially for you of which we usually do not keep stock and are color sensitive. They cannot be exchanged for other products either. So order a sample in advance or visit one of our stores to get a good impression of the product and its properties.

Return form
Important: We only accept returns in store with an approved return form. Download the return form below. Fill it in and send it to us via email before you return your products. Please read our Return Policy in advance to find out if your return is eligible.

Returns must meet the conditions below:

- Returns must be reported within the specified date via the return form that can be found on our website. We ask you to fill in this form completely and to email it to retouren@designtegels.nl.
- Completed return forms must first be approved by our customer service. We do not accept returns at the counter without an approved return form. We only take full and unopened boxes / packaging back, in the original condition.
- We do not take back samples.
- We do not reimburse shipping or transport costs.
- It is possible that you have ordered a little more of a tile product just to be sure. However, we never take back more than 10% of the initial order.
- You must take care of returning the tiles / products yourself. We do not come to pick up returns. Of course we can help arrange a pick-up transport, but then there will be costs involved.
- Complaints must be submitted within 24 hours. If you are not satisfied with your order, the order is damaged or products are missing, we kindly but urgently ask you to contact us within 24 hours after delivery!
- Custom products (specifically ordered in size and color for you and/or other than our basic range) cannot be returned at all and cannot be exchanged for other products. We cannot provide a voucher for this either.
- As soon as products have been processed in your project, the possibility to complain about any color differences or inaccuracies expires.
- Related tile products such as impregnation and cleaning agents, tile adhesive and grouts can be returned up to 14 days after the invoice date in the original and closed (unopened) packaging.
- We are happy to help you calculate the required tile products. We do this based on the measurements provided by you. You are, however, responsible for a correct calculation. So calculate carefully how much you need before you place a final order! We are not responsible for calculation differences or too many / too few tiles ordered.
- Vouchers are valid up to one year after issue and can only be redeemed in one of our stores in their original condition. That is, we cannot accept copies or scans.
- Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash.
- When returning tiles that fall within the return policy, only a voucher will be provided.

Our General Terms and Conditions apply to all products and deliveries.

Do you have questions about our return policy? Please contact us.

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