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Placing and Treatment of Cermaic Tiles

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Placing and Treatment of Spanisch Tiles

Download the installation and treatment schedule for the ceramic tiles here.

The step-by-step plan and advice may differ per space or area of application. Below we give our advice for the most common installation of our ceramic tiles. Also read the important tips at the bottom of the step-by-step plan and contact us if you have any questions.

Type: Ceramic tiles are tiles made of clay or porcelain, whether or not finished with glaze and baked in a tile oven. The production takes place (partly) manually or by machine.
Materials: Clay, porcelain and/or basically anything that can be baked into a tile.
Characteristics: Ceramic tiles are mostly machine made. The finish is very diverse and suitable for many purposes.
Variants: Spanish tiles, metro tiles, concrete look tiles, large format tiles, etc.
Applicability: Inside, outside, walls, floors.
Extra attention: Ceramic tiles are a collective term for many different types of wall and floor tiles. There can be many differences per species in the way they should be processed. We focus on the varieties that are sold by us.

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