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The private company with limited liability Designtegels.nl BV , located in Utrecht , Netherlands ( CoC number 55842046 ) and its associate ( legal) persons registered at the Chamber of Commerce, is the mother holding of Designtegels BV.


Many of our tiles are made entirely by hand using traditional methods. They are unique and authentic products. Slight variations in colour, shape and pattern are inherent to the production method and the types of material. These slight abnormalities should be considered normal.
It is precisely these characteristics that give these tiles a special and unique character. For an optimal result of installing our tiles, we recommend that you carefully follow the step-by-step plan. The different step-by-step plans for each tile type are listed on this website.
Check for damage or correctness: Before transport or immediately after transport upon delivery.
Report damage: Within 24 hours of receipt, in writing via email.
Transport: Proper transport, in original packaging with closed opening upwards.
Weight of order: Please check with a sales representative beforehand.
Sensitivity: Handmade products may be more sensitive to vibrations during transport.
Disclaimer: Designtegels.nl is not responsible for damage during transport by third parties.
Processing tiles: Use a tiler and/or carefully follow the instructions that you can find on this website under Placing & Treatment.
Maintenance products: Only use approved maintenance products that will not affect the tiles.
Warranty period: 12 months under normal use and processed according to our instructions.
Calculation: Make a good calculation of the required numbers or have a contractor / tiler do that.
Storage: Dry and frost-free. When the packaging gets wet, discoloration can occur in the tiles.
Delays in delivery times: Depending on the period, up to 4 months.

Our Terms & Conditions apply to all products, services and deliveries.

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