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Placing and Treatment Cement Tiles

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Placing and Treatment of Cement tiles

Download here the placing and treatment guide for Cement tiles
Follow these steps for the installation and maintenance of your cement tiles, and they will last a lifetime!

The step-by-step plan and advice may differ per space or area of application. Below we give our advice for the most common placement of cement tiles. Please read the important tips at the bottom of the step-by-step plan and contact us if you have any questions

Type: Cement tiles are handmade tiles that are produced using a press technique. They are not baked and therefore they remain porous.
Materials: Cement and colored marble powder.
Features: Small imperfections and color differences are inherent to the product and should be considered normal.
Variants: Cement tiles & Marocca’s
Where to apply: Both inside and outside, walls and floors.
Extra attention: Cement tiles are more sensitive than other tiles because they are not fired in an oven. They are porous and must be treated with an impregnation agent. Becareful with acidic (cleaning) agents. Cement tiles should be placed with extra attention and preferably by someone with experience.

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