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We will be happy to tell you how to order and what to consider. Are there any questions or uncertainties about ordering, delivery, returns or warranty of our products? Below you will find all the information that applies to your order.

Placing a order or quote

You can place a quote or order in one of our shops (Breda, Utrecht (NL) of Berlin (DE) or on our website. In our shops, we can show you which products are in stock and/or what the delivery time is. And of course, we can immediately answer any frequently asked questions or help you calculate the products you need. If you choose for a quotation via our website, we recommend that you first create an account, as this will save time later and your details will then be immediately available in our system. As soon as you place an order, we will ask you for a down payment. This is usually 30% of the order value. As soon as we receive the down payment, the tiles are reserved for you. If you take the tiles with you, you pay the full invoice amount.

Delivery or pick-up

We can deliver your order all over the world. However, this will involve additional costs that our sales staff will calculate for you. The shipping costs depend on the volume and weight of your order. We deliver every working day, from 9 till 17h. We also give you the option of picking up your order at our Utrecht branch. For this we charge a small fee. The salesperson can tell you all about this. If you want to collect your order from our Breda warehouse yourself, we will make an appointment so the tiles will be ready for you. Orders that are complete must be picked up within 14 days.

Ordering samples

You can order as many samples as you like. You can do this easily via the website and you will immediately see whether the sample in question is in stock. Since we like to inform you well about the look and feel of the product, we have made it easy for you to do this. Read everything you need to know about the samples

Delivery times

Usually, we have a large part of our collection in stock. There is also a constant supply of products that will arrive in our warehouse.
Delivery times also depend on the availability of raw materials and containers in the country of origin. Moreover, many of our tiles are handmade and come from small factories abroad. We do our best to meet the stated delivery times, however, it may happen that various factors cause a delay and that we are therefore forced to deliver a little later. Unfortunately, we have no control over this.

Treatment products

To add the neccessary treatment products to your quotiation we need to knowin which room the tiles will be placed. This means that we provide the quote with tile adhesive, grout and all the products needed to process the tiles. Especially with cement tiles, it is important to use the right impregnation products. Of course, you are under no obligation and we will adjust your quote if you wish!


You can pay by PIN, payment link or cash. If you choose delivery, payment must be made 48 hours before the agreed date. In our shops you can pay with PIN. We will send you an online payment link for both the down payment and the final payment. This link makes it easy for you to pay for your order, which is then immediately registered in our system. This speeds up the delivery of your order and also prevents any errors. Please do not transfer anything via bank.

Upon Delivery

When your receive your order of tiles via the external transport company, you must check your order immediately for accuracy and in the case of damage during transportation. In the case of damage or inaccuracies with your order, you must inform us within 24hours of order receipt in writing (email).

Return Policy

When returning items, you must be able to produce the original invoice. Tiles may be returned within a 7 day period after the invoice date. Tiles in boxes of 12, with the box sealed may be returned within 7 days of the invoice date. Products which are custom made, in size and/ or colour cannot be returned. Read everything you need to know about our Return Policy Here. .

Eveything you need to know..

Our handmade tiles have a special manual.

Read here the special placing and treatment schedules about each tile and everything you need to know about the impregnation products, glue and grout and other accessories.

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