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How to order a sample | Designtegels.nl

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Samples are meant to give you an idea of what a product looks like. Based on a sample, you can determine reasonably well whether the color, shape and finish are to your liking for your project.
However, there are a few things that are important before you order a sample, which we would like to inform you about in advance!

Sample tiles are not intended to be used in a project.

This is because there may be color differences because the tiles are manufactured in different color baths and because rejected shipments with, for example, breakage damage are processed into sample tiles. They still look good and function well as a sample, but can contain hairline cracks or irregularities that make the tile unsuitable for use. If your tiles are short for your project, we recommend that you order a packaging unit of the tile you need.

Delivery or pickup
Sample tiles are sent by post (DHL) but can also be picked up at our branch in Breda or Utrecht. You can specify this when ordering. We charge shipping costs when you want to have the sample(s) sent. The samples are well and firmly packed in a sample box, specially developed by us.

Make sure you have the right tile
A sample tile gives a good impression and is therefore very important before you place an order for an entire room. We therefore recommend that you always order a sample in advance or come and see the tiles in real life in our showrooms. We want to make sure you make the right choice because We cannot return tiles that we have made especially for you to our factory, in the case you don’t like them after all.
Many of our tiles are handmade, and often commissioned by the customer. It is therefore possible that when you place an order for some boxes of tiles that they differ slightly in color from the sample you have received before. Keep this in mind or ask one of our colleagues what the maximum deviation will be, because this differs per tile type.

samples in de fabriek

Our samples are usually not from the same stock as our other tiles.

And since many of our products are made in different color baths, it is therefore possible that there are color differences between our sample tiles and our fixed stock.
Sample tiles are sold up to a maximum of 4 to 8 pieces per order. This differs per tile type and has to do with the weight. Once the maximum weight is reached the shipping costs will automatically jump to the price level of a pallet. So monitor this closely!

Not on stock?
If certain samples are not in stock, we may send you a different shape or size with the same color so that you still get an impression and do not have to wait unnecessarily long to make a decision. We will usually notify you in advance. Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns of sample tiles.

We would like to point out once again the importance of viewing tiles in real life and not blindly ordering tiles that you have never seen in real life. The colors on our website will be displayed differently on every screen, unfortunately we have no control over this.
We would also like to point out that it is not permitted to order all tiles from a collection as a sample, instead you can come to our showroom to view them in real life. We do not send more than 5 samples at a time.

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