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Tiles from all over the world

At Designtegels.nl we sell a wide variety of wall and floor tiles from different countries. Our collection is therefore colourful and varied, from modern to classical and from rural to industrial, suitable for every interior. We are proud to admit that we only sell what we like, which is why we have the largest selection of special tiles in the Netherlands.

A selection from our tile collection

Designtegels is well known for his Cement tiles. We have been selling these tiles since 2006. Many types have been added over the years. Such as the Zellige, a Moroccan wall tile with beautiful color nuances. But also Marble Mosaic, Spanish wall tiles (Azulejos) and Italian large format tileshave been added to our range. At Designtegels we are always looking for new trends and we try to follow them as well as create new ones! Our new one, Terrazzo tiles is a perfect example of this.

Suitable for many spaces

Our tiles have different areas of application. Most tiles are suitable for in and around the house as kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, toilet tiles, hall tiles, living room tiles, garden tiles, outdoor tiles, wall tiles, floor tiles, office tiles, catering tiles, etc. Some tiles need a treatment before you can use them and other tiles can only be used indoors.

Service and Design

We are happy to help you make your space special. We do this with a whole team of tile enthusiasts. Our experienced colleagues can advise you in choosing the best tile or color for your project, but also help you with a calculation of the required materials. So we are happy to think along and even help you make a floor plan in our online tile planner!

Stock and delivery

Many of our tiles are in stock or can be delivered quickly. Of course we deliver to your home. We do this in the Netherlands but also abroad. You can of course also pick up your order at one of our branches. We are happy to help you with loading and advise you on the safest mode of transport. If you have any questions about stock or delivery options, please contact us!

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