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Placing and treatment of the Terrazzo tiles

Download here the installation and treatment schedule of the Terrazzo tiles
Follow these steps for the installation and maintenance of your Terrazzo tiles, and they will last a lifetime!

The step-by-step plan and advice for each room or area of application may vary. In the following, we give you our advice for the most common installation of our Terrazzo tiles. Please also read the important tips at the bottom of the step-by-step plan and contact us if you have any questions.

Type: Terrazzo tiles are made of marble and stone grains and pressed into cement. The top layer is polished and impregnated.
Materials: Cement with grains of marble, stone and/or glass.
Characteristics: Small holes, irregulations such as crumbled corners and differences in colour and grain are inherent to the product and should be seen as normal.
Application: Indoors, outdoors, walls, floors.
Extra note: The marble grains in Terrazzo tiles consist of natural stone and can therefore be sensitive to acids or corrosive substances. Therefore, always clean these tiles with mild or green soap.
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