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Application of Cement Tiles

Applications of Cementtiles.com’s : Portuguese tiles, Cement tiles, Moroccan tiles, Spanish tiles and Mosaic, in different spaces!

Cement tiles in a kitchen
Our cement tiles are ideal to be placed in a kitchen. Due to the large variety of colors, patterns and borders, unique floors can be created. Classic tiles do really well with modern kitchens and give a great overall appearance. Floor heating can be applied as long as the cement tiles are placed on a flat surface. And make sure the floor heating is around 6 cm under the surface of the tiles, covered in the mortar. Normally a kitchen undergoes heavily usage. That is why impregnating your cement tiles is of great importance. And not only impregnation, also maintaining the floor with suitable tile soap ensures a long life.
The top layer, the colored layer of cement tiles (encaustic tiles) is around 5 mm thick. This makes sure that the tiles can handle heavy duty and won’t get scratched that fast. We supply full instructions for tile placement and treatment when buying your tiles at  Cement tiles and Moroccan tiles can be placed on most surfaces, as long as the surface is hard, even & flat. Please use a primer before tiling for a better attachment of the glue adhesive. Also Zelliges & Bejmat tiles Moroccan tiles are very suitable for kitchens. Zelliges & Bejmat tiles are baked in olive pit tile ovens and have a glazed top layer. Due to this layer no fluids can penetrate into the tiles and you won’t need any impregnation fluids for them. Zelliges & Bejmat tiles can be cleaned with a regular cleaning agent.Cement Tiles in a bathroom
Do you want a bathroom in Meditarian style? With Cement tiles from Moroccan and Portugese you create the beautiful feeling that these country's are known from. It doesn't matter if the floor is square or rectangular because a bath or shower is in the bathroom. In a large bathroom you have to watch for the pattern of the tile and the borders and corners. Because it's not pretty when the pattern isn't complete. When there is a walkin shower in the bathroom you should get the exact messurment. Of course we help you with your plan, you can do it yourself in our Tileplanner.
Cement Tiles in a hall
The bigger the hallway the more impressive the looks. You’ll give your hallway a stately character by the use of Moroccan and Portuguese floor tiles / cement tiles.
When working with one or more border tiles surrounding the patterned tiles, one should make a good calculation. This can be done by using our tile planner. Off course we are happy to help you with making a suitable plan for your hallway floor. Cement tiles can be glued on most surfaces like concrete and wood. Always make sure your surface is strong, capable of lifting the weight, and free of movement. Especially in old houses we see a lot of wooden under floors. You might need to enforce them with some extra beams of sheets of plywood before you start tiling.

Cement tiles on a Toilet
Even though it’s the smallest room.. everybody likes to make something nice of it. Not strange because this room is most visited by you, your friends and relatives. Cement tiles give that little extra to a toilet, and be honest, while seated the floor is looked at the most. Black and white colored cement tiles are popular on toilets but also fresh pastel colors like olive green, light blue and salmon pink do really well. The pace normally doesn’t allow you to create large patterns so most often a patterned tile is used surrounded by a plain colored tile. To avoid annoying spots, a toilet flor with cement tiles should be well impregnated with a tile sealer. And when ‘accidents’ occur they should be cleaned timely. Also maintaining your floor with a greasy tile soap is of essence. A great combination with cement tiles are Moroccan wall tiles/ Zelliges. These hand crafted tiles give a unique appearance and are available in many colors. But not to forget our handmade Spanish tiles. Lively colors with crackle effect gives you a Mediterranean feeling. We also see a lot of Metro tiles (Subway tiles) these days on toilets. They come in different sizes and shapes. Mostly rectangular with a facet edge.
If you are uncertain of the actual colors we advise you to order some samples first and see if they match well.

Cement tiles in a Livingroom
It is not for every living room to be filled with cement tiles. We are not used to larger area’s filled with these type of tiles, unless you live in the south of Spain or in Morocco. It can be very overwhelming but when it is thought out well, spectacular appearances can be achieved! Your imagination can run freely because thousands of patterns can be made. You can decide to go modern, Mediterranean, Arabic, plain pastel colors or a mix. Also rugs mix very well on a cement tile floor and bring more warmth and coziness. A Portuguese or Moroccan tiled floor in a living room has something mystical, something like out of a far country, trendy and yet traditional. Due to the choice of many borders, colors and motifs, there are unlimited possibilities and many combinations. Cement tiles also mix very well with wooden floors. Booth types usually have the same thickness so the transition from cement tiles to wood is easy to realize and looks great. A small joint should always be kept due to the possibility that wood can expand slightly.

Cement tiles on your Balcony or Rooftop
As long as the surface is strong and rigid cement tiles can be placed on a rooftop terrace. Due to the fact that here in North-West Europe we have another climate than in the south of Spain, Portugal or Morocco, it is important to impregnate your cement tiles really well. We offer a special sealer for outdoors that will keep the cement tiles good looking. The influence of lots of sun and rain will affect the tiles a bit though. After a couple of years they might get a bit paler. If that is the case just clean them well and treat them with our Azule color intensifier. It will pick up the colors and make them lively again.


Cement tiles in your garden
The same as on a rooftop terrace, it is important in a garden that cement tiles get a strong and level surface to be glued on. In a garden it is best to create a bed of concrete of around 6 cm thick. Another option is to use old large garden (patio) tiles as a subsurface. Make sure they are fixed well into the ground or mix some quick cement with the sand under the tiles so it will create a strong base for the cement tiles to be glued on. We always advise to place cement tiles under an overhang of a veranda or patio. This way they will not get the full sunlight whole day and are somehow protected against pouring rain. It will certainly extend the life of your tiles.
Impregnate once every 2 to 3 years, depending on the exposure to sun and rain. You should always clean your tiles first before applying a new layer of sealer. Cleaning can be done with a high pressure terrace cleaner and a mild soap. (tile soap for natural stone floors) Be aware of certain materials that can leave nasty stains like grape leaves, rust and sawdust. Leftovers of cement tiles are great to use for borders, plant pots and window sills, as decoration.

Cementtegels a recurring trend, more and more offices want to create a hip and trendy appearance and distinguish themselves from the boring and old-fashioned workspaces. If fact offices are a great place for cement tiles to be placed. They are very maintenance-friendly and due to the larger areas, many creations can be made. We have seen large offices that ordered an enormous patchwork mix and created a very colorful office. But also traditional patterns with classic borders do really well with modern desks and office furniture. Especially in old buildings the classic tile floor gives body to the décor. We advise to use chair mats to avoid early scratches on the tiles. Clean with a soft and greasy soap that is suited for natural stone.

Cement tiles in the catering and hospitality industry
In western Europe we see a new trend is picking up over the last 10 years. Hotels, restaurants, bars and coffee shops are using a lot of cement tiles to lift up their place. From classic floors in bakery’s to modern bathroom floors in hotels. The possibilities are endless. Cementtiles.com is well known for their restaurant floors. We have sold so many cement tile floors to hospitality agency’s that most large cities in Europe have at least one restaurant with our own Azule tiles. For that we are very proud and we love to show you some of our projects in our inspiration section. Larger projects also need more attention. We are happy to help and workout the best possible solution to fit our tiles into your project. Wetter it’s a lobby, atrium, casino, restaurant, toilets or reception, we know what we sell and are creative in giving your place the best appearance possible.

Cementtiles.com has over 10 years of experience and is the absolute expert in the field of Portuguese tiles and cement tiles. We know everything about impregnating, placing and maintaining these tiles. Cement tiles need a story and some attention. It is very important that you understand what is important for maintaining your floor. We are passionate about our passion and hope that you will enjoy these amazing tiles just like we do.

In addition to Portuguese cement tiles, we also sell Zelliges (Moroccan wall tiles), also a beautiful product and hard to get by in the Netherlands and UK. This product also needs a clear explanation before the tiles can be placed. We have all the information and documentation both in the store and on our website.

We also sell handmade Azulejos (Spanish wall tiles)Metro tiles and With these tiles we provide many catering establishments at home and abroad and ensure the perfect combination between our tiles.

Even for matte scrub-resistant wall paint (latex) please contact us. Because in most cases you also paint the walls of the room where your floor tiles will come. Cementtiles.com offers a top quality wall paint that can be used for indoor and outdoor use. This is a quality that cannot be found in your basic building materials store, though it has a particularly favorable price. In our showrooms you can take a paint samples.

Design tiles, it has become a concept in the Netherlands and neighboring countries and we are proud of it! We stand for handmade, natural products that are manufactured in a responsible manner. We regularly visit our factories and try to think in a socially responsible manner in the improvement of products, production methods and staff! Our products are eco-friendly!

Do you have questions? Call or email us, or just visit one of our showrooms!

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