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Azule Tile Soap 1 liter

Azule Tile Soap 1 liter

In stock: 477 pieces
  • Number 1 cleaning agent for cement tiles
  • Cleans and maintains instantly
  • Acid-free and thus also suitable for natural stone
15,00 12,40 Excl. VAT
Azule Losefix 1 liter

Azule Losefix 1 liter

In stock: 33 pieces
  • Cleaning agent for cement tiles
  • For cleaning heavily soiled tiles
  • Removes oil, paint, stains and more
30,50 25,21 Excl. VAT
Azule Oil-Ex 1 liter

Azule Oil-Ex 1 liter

In stock: 6 pieces
  • For cleaning cement tiles
  • Perfect for deep grease stains
  • Also suitable for natural stone and cast floors
39,50 32,64 Excl. VAT
label-nieuw-en Superboen 1 liter

Superboen 1 liter

In stock: 282 pieces
  • Powerful dirt remover
  • cleaning effect
  • suitable for all tile types
14,95 12,36 Excl. VAT
label-nieuw-en Tegelsop 1 liter

Tegelsop 1 liter

In stock: 175 pieces
  • PH neutral
  • Leaves no residue
  • Extremely suitable for ceramic tiles
7,95 6,57 Excl. VAT
Acid-free descaler 1 liter

Acid-free descaler 1 liter

In stock: 551 pieces
  • Acid-free Grout stain remover
  • Safely removes glue and grout
  • Can also be used as lime remover
15,00 12,40 Excl. VAT

Cleaning Design Tiles

Our handmade tiles are made with natural materials. We therefore always recommend using products that do not contain acids or bleach. This is not good for the environment, the color and appearance of the tile. For the best possible result, we recommend using our own Azule maintenance, cleaning and impregnating agents.

These are of course of the best quality. The regular use of our own cleaning and maintenance products ensures optimal results and extends the lifespan in a safe way. In our showroom we are happy to explain how the tiles can best be protected so that you can enjoy them for years. On our website [link to p&b] you will find various treatment schedules for maintaining our tiles.

Cleaning cement tiles

Our patterned tiles require special maintenance because these tiles are made of marble powder. This ensures that the cement tiles must be treated as natural stone. The tiles are therefore not resistant to bleach, acids or other corrosive agents. Therefore, always make sure that you clean with Azule Mop Soap or other green soap, suitable for natural stone.

Maintenance of handmade tiles

At Designtiles we sell acid-free mop soap and other tile soaps that are ideal for Portuguese tiles, Moroccan Zelliges, Platta and Bejmat, Spanish tiles and Marble tiles. In daily use, these cleaning agents provide good protection for the tiles. Portuguese cement tiles should be mopped at least every 2 weeks with mop soap, green soap or another gentle soap without harsh or caustic ingredients.

Prevent stains, maintain your tile floor!

Acidic agents are not good for handmade tiles such as cement tiles or marble. Be careful with products such as chlorine, vinegar, all-purpose cleaner and other strongly acidic agents. As soon as they come into contact with these natural stone tiles, they can damage the surface and leave unsightly stains. Also be careful with fruit juice, wine or very fatty products such as oil, butter or mayonnaise. Oily products leave behind a grease stain that is difficult to remove. If the floor is well impregnated and it is maintained weekly with Mop Soap or other tile soap, a protective layer is created on the tiles so that external influences have virtually no chance. In case of pollution, it is smart to remove this immediately so that it cannot (or minimally) withdraw. Do you have questions about impregnating or treating cement or other tiles? Please feel free to contact us.

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