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The company

We are the team that brought cement tiles, also known as Encaustic tiles, back to life in the 21st century. These handmade and art form products have sparked a great passion in us and today you can find these tiles in all corners of the world.
The real authentic patterns of the past have made way for cheerful, hip variants in different color combinations, so that cement tiles have ultimately become Design tiles. (Designtegels) And it didn't just stop at cement tiles!
Over the years we have specialized in Moroccan tiles such as Zelliges, Bejmat and Platta's. The beautiful colors in these tiles you won’t find anywhere else. Time and again when we visit our factory in Morocco we are once again filled with the splendor of these handmade tiles. By now we are known as the “tile candy store” in the Netherlands, and we are proud of that!. In addition to the above-mentioned tile types, our collection also contains beautiful Spanish wall tiles, Marble mosaic, Italian tiles and many self-designed tiles and patterns.

Did you know..

We regularly visit our factories for good cooperation?
The visits also enable us to discover new materials or brainstorm on new designs. In this way, we always try to be different from other tile companies!

Foto: Factory Morocco

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Only what we like ourselves!

We used to say; We only sell what we like and love! And actually we still do that today, with our enthusiastic team of tile fanatics. Meanwhile, about 20 colleagues work in Utrecht, Breda and Berlin.
In our spacious showrooms you get a good idea of our products and we help you to make your space special!
So pass by for a bit of happiness because happiness is handmade!

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