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Terrazzo; where is it coming from

Posted on 21-12-2021 by Fieke

Where does Terrazzo come from?

Terrazzo is back from the 80's! This classic decoration is centuries old and was used as a cheaper terrace covering for large buildings such as churches and other historical buildings. The leftovers from the marble quarry were poured between the concrete. When the floors were walked on frequently, they became polished naturally and the small pieces of granite and marble became visible. People liked this so much that more and more floors were cast in this way.

How is it made?

The technique they used more than 500 years ago is still the same as we use today. We can now only choose from a variety of colours, grains and finishes for your Terrazzo. Now the tiles are polished by machine until you get the finish you want.

How durable is Terrazzo?

Terrazzo can be made from any waste product. Besides marble grains ( leftovers) you can also use plastic, glass or other waste materials to get the nice colourful specks in the concrete. Terrazzo is also extremely impact and scratch resistant! The Terrazzo of Designtegels is impregnated in the factory so that it is stain free for the first 10 years. And the longer the tiles are in place, the more beautiful the floor becomes!

Terrazzo tiles

In the past, labour was relatively cheap and you had craftsmen who specialised in laying terrazzo floors. Just as concrete was poured now, this was done with a special mix of granules and concrete, usually with a border and decorations in different colours. After this had dried the floor was polished. This way you had a terrazzo floor in one piece. Because this is now too labour-intensive and practical, especially for small spaces, we have Terrazzo tiles in our collection. These are easier to lay on the floor and can also be placed on the wall! You can also choose different colours to finish the edges. 

Also other accessories from Terrazzo

Terrazzo is becoming increasingly popular and this is reflected in everything. Nowadays you can get all kinds of accessories with a Terrazzo finish. Prints on cushions, mugs but also on worktops or sinks. The nice thing is that these can be perfectly combined with a nice floor or back wall of our Terrazzo collection.

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