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Calculating and placing: Marble Mosaic

Posted on 9-3-2022 by Fieke

Marble mosaic, pieces of marble in various creative shapes glued to a mat. These mosaics are leftover pieces from large marble slabs, so super durable! The beautiful deep colours such as black, grey and white predominate, but green or pink are also possible in the marble stone. In addition, they are offered in various laying patterns and shapes such as hexagons, herringbone, stone pattern or simply squares. Because the mosaic is delivered on mats, it is quite easy to install, which you would not say when you see it.

Get creative with mosaics!

Because this mosaic consists of small pieces, you can give it your own creative twist, think of a name or small flowers or stars in a different colour. How do you do this? You can easily swap the tiles for another colour and create your own pattern.
Besides adding small shapes in different colours, we also have the option of adding different borders, for example, to give your hall a really luxurious look. These borders are also available with different patterns or can contain a different pattern or colour than you have used. The border can be finished with a zig-zag pattern or in a single colour.

How do you calculate what you need?

If you go for one type of mosaic without a border, you can easily calculate the m2 . However, do you want a matching border? Then we have some tips. 
Tip 1: First, it is important to know how much space the border will take up. Look at the product you want to buy for the size of the total mat, for example 30 cm. Then take the total area and do this minus the size of the border (on both sides). The whole that remains is the size for the inside! The inside area is calculated by adding the length x width.

How to make the corner

You can make the corner tile of the mosaic yourself using 2 borders. This is a bit of a puzzle, so we will explain it here step by step. 
Step 1: The Mosaic is stuck on a mat, which you can easily cut with a Stanley knife. You do this in stages, see photo. Do this with one border first. 
Step 2: Lay the cut border on a (still) whole border at 90 degrees. It may be that the pattern is not nicely mirrored, see example. By sliding the cut mat downwards, you can find the perfect (mirrored) connection. See example. 
Step 3: Cut off the remaining piece at the top of the entire mat. It is then possible to replace the blocks of the mosaic with a matching colour in the pattern. See example. 
Step 4. Cut the remaining mat to size, diagonally as well. 
The corner is not the same length (isosceles), keep this in mind when centring your floor in the room.

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