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Product description

Egal Azule S32
The Egal Azule S32 is a handmade cement tile of 20x20 cm and 1.6 cm thick. This tile is suitable for wall and floor. and is available in different cheerful colors. Cement tiles have vivid color nuances and a matte appearance. The colors can be adjusted as desired. Please note that cement tiles are porous and should always be impregnated.

Good to know
Cement tiles are beautiful encaustic tiles that are produced according to traditional methods. They are handmade and pressed one by one in our factory the same way as it was done 100 years ago. Cement tiles have irregularities and vibrant color nuances, they may also slightly vary in color from one another. This is inherent to this type of tile and should be considered normal. There are numerous styles possible, from classic to retro or modern. Cement tiles also go very well with other materials such as wood, steel and concrete.

Installing Cement Tiles
Cement tiles require extra attention during installation and have their own instruction manual. Upon purchase, you will receive a step-by-step plan with instructions and points of attention. We recommend that you read this manual carefully before installing and impregnating the tiles. Or hire a good tiler who is familiar with this type of tile. In a nutshell, it is important to know that they are sensitive to acids and caustic ingredients. Therefore, treat cement tiles as natural stone.

Suitable for
Cement tiles can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are suitable as a floor tile but also as a wall tile, even though they are a bit thicker than normal. They are ideal tiles for home areas such as kitchen, bathroom, hallway, living room, porch and toilet. Nevertheless these tiles are also excellent to be placed in a business environment such as an office or hospitality venue. A real eye-catcher for any room! For outdoors, we always recommend placing the tiles on a hard surface such as concrete and under a canopy or roof. In the open air they are more likely to be affected by the rain and sun. A heavy frost can cause cracks. Please note that the tiles need treatment. This is different for each area.

Colors, patterns and sizes
Cement tiles are available in many different colors, patterns and sizes. We can also supply cement tiles with custom colors and patterns, completely customized! Each batch has small color differences and irregularities, this has to do with the production process and should be considered normal.

Ordering and delivery
These tiles are sold per box. For help with calculating the required quantities, expert advice or a tailor-made quotation, we are happy to help you in one of our showrooms. Orders can be delivered to your home via our carrier. They are firmly packed on a pallet and there is as little chance of breakage as possible. The costs of shipping is calculated based on weight and volume and will be included in the quotation, if applicable. There is also the possibility to pick up the tiles at our warehouse in Breda or at our showroom in Utrecht. Collection is only possible by appointment and when the tiles are in stock. If you want to see the tile in real life and you are not able to visit one of our showrooms, you have the option to order a sample via our website.

Cement tiles are easy to maintain. Mop weekly with an acid-free agent such as our own Tile Soap which also provides an extra protective layer on the surface. Be careful with acids, this can cause unsightly stains or discolorations that are difficult to remove later. As soon as there is spillage, immediately clean with water and do not leave on the tiles. This also applies to grease and other liquids. In case of heavy pollution, we recommend using Azule Dirt Remover. This degreaser deals with most dirt on various types of tiles.



Colors Cement TilesGreen/ Blue (S32)
Size (L x W)20 x 20 cm
Thickness1,6 cm
MaterialCement and marble pigmet

The finish of the tile

Colordifference per tileYes
Suitable for

This tile is suitable for...

Suitable forFloor
Clean with..Lime Azule Grout Stain Remover
Dirt Azule Tile Soap

Space where tiles can be placed

anti-slip valueR10
Suitable for wet spaceYes
Frost resistantYes
Heat resistantYes
Suitable for floorheatingYes
12 piece(s)
Amount of m2 in a box0.48 M2
Tile has borders and cornersNo
Tile needs to be impregnatedYes
CategoryPlain Tiles
Tags cementtegel wandtegel vloertegel vierkant portugese tegel portugese cementtegel patroontegel blauw groen blauwgroen s32 egal egaal egal azule s32
Product codeCT-EGAA0001-S32

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